Where do you get the best life insurance for cheap?

Question: I want to get best life insurance for myself. What’s a good website and with reasonable prices?

Answer: The best life insurance for you depends on what your goals are and what you want your life insurance to accomplish for you and your family.

The most affordable life insurance is usually TERM life insurance, which is the cheapest type of life insurance coverage.

Term life insurance is lowest in price because term life is temporary life insurance for up to 30 years, or until you reach age 65 or 70.

In addition, term life is not an investment; it doesn’t build any cash value inside the policy, but you do get pure life insurance protection, which covers illness and accident.

The way to find the most competitive rates on your term life insurance plan is to compare multiple rates and policies from several highly-rated life insurance companies.

You can compare rates on this website; just go to the tab that is labeled “Get a Quote” (or click here). Just answer some basic questions and you’ll get instant life insurance quote comparisons with no obligation.

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