Term Life is cheaper than Permanent Life Insurance

If you need life insurance but don’t have the budget for pricey permanent insurance, you will most likely wish to purchase basic term life insurance. Term life insurance is much less expensive than permanent insurance, because permanent insurance accrues financial value. An easy way to understand term life insurance versus permanent life insurance is to compare them to renting and owning a property.

Both rent payments and mortgage payments provide you with shelter, but only mortgage payments accrue value that you can later borrow against. Naturally, mortgage payments tend to be higher than rent payments on equivalent properties. The same holds true for life insurance policies: because you can eventually take money out of your permanent life insurance policy, the premiums will cost more.

So the best way to find cheap life insurance is to buy term life insurance, or to supplement your modest permanent plan with a larger term plan. Admaric can help you find cheap term life insurance that can fit comfortably within your budget. You may be surprised to learn just how inexpensive term life insurance can be! When you compare life insurance premiums to those of many other types of insurance (especially car and health), they seem particularly affordable.

Paying for life insurance will probably cost a mere fraction of what you spend on cable TV or your cell phone each month, yet it’s so much more important! Consider: if you should die before your term expires, will your dependents benefit more from a term life insurance policy or a better cable plan? Call 1-800-910-9205 for quotes on cheap term life insurance, or go to http://www.admaric.com/quote.html and complete our online application.

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